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Soooo new photo; Marshall Law from an awesome out-of-town shoot with my first pair of dragon pants. I'm still waiting for the other photos from that shoot.
I'll be retiring my first pair of dragon pants and making a new pair, handpainted. Gonna get artsy. Oh yes.
Might make Law's traditional white silk clothes with dragon on the back (juz cuz it's so cool), but the dragon pants take first priority.

Maybe some of you have seen me as Leorio Paladiknight running in the cave with Kurapika? I'll upload that some other time, but yes that's me. 
Pretty goofy, but that's what makes Leorio so enjoyable.

Haven't updated in forever as usual. But hey, I figured that if I'm going to upload new photos or post new updates, they'd better be damn worth the time to look at.
I'm right.
I know I'm right.


Problems left and right this year. I thought it'd be over once 2013 settled in the dust.
2014 came along, and new problems just burst through the door and pinned me down.

Have you ever felt like that? That deep-seated anxiety about what will come to pass?

Shit's crazy. Sleepless nights, lying in bed, wanting to shout out as loud as you can, see if it'll relieve what you're feeling even just a tiny bit.

And then you still have to do what the world expects from you.

Shit, man. Ain't nobody got time fo' that.

I thought the storm would never come to pass.

Thankfully, they did.
I came out of it all just a bit stronger.

I learned a lot from my ordeals.
Had to go on when I no longer could.
Lost some things along the way.

But I gained other things from it all.
Priceless things, immeasurable in value.
Things I never knew were there right under my nose,
staring into my nostrils the entire time,
and didn't even bother to make their presence known (like some miniature stalker or something)
Maybe they were just waiting to be noticed?

It really IS different, hearing about something and actually experiencing it for yourself.

Cast away the pebbles to make room for the gems.

P.S. How does Mr. 5 from One Piece breathe with all those boogers in his nose, like seriously. He NEVER runs out.


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Ken Lim
I had my start on August 2012, at Otaku Expo Reload 2012, in the Philippines.

I hope to meet people (especially other cosplayers), and maybe learn a thing or two from them.

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hey marshall law san~it's me kamen rider kusangi on Facebook~is nice to see you again man~yeah!!
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